Liquid Cigars – Evoking Smell And Taste Through Memory. 

A collection of photographs inspired by a whisky tasting festival taken from the scribbled notes of my neigbouring stall-holder with whom I shared the day. Her descriptions and company were inspirational. 

The experience takes me back to my first days on Crete when I encountered for the first time one of my favourite whiskys, Highland Park. My partner at the time asked me to close my eyes and describe the images that were evoked by the smell and taste. I was instantly transported to a rugged sea shore in the rain, the smell of the sea and seaweed strong and powerful in the air and the taste of the salty sea air mixed with rain upon my lips. 

Here is a glimpse into this lady’s sensory world…

Liquid Cigar

Nutmeg and Pepper

Icing Sugar, Soft Toffee

Harbours At Low Tide and Hemp

Boiled Car Sweets

Fun times! I certainly enjoyed myself. 🙂

evoke (v.) (
1620s, from French évoquer or directly from Latin evocare “call out, rouse, summon” (seeevocation). Often more or less with a sense of “calling spirits,” or being called by them. Of feelings, memories, etc., by 1856. Related: Evoked;evokesevoking.

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Liquid Smoke by Koipeach on DeviantArt