Eddies of Love

For my beloved:

I do not question. Instead, I thank you for such sublime, abandoned moments outside of ordinary space/time where we become consummately entwined. 


My Lady

Spirit: Now you must learn to look for me in a different way my dear.
Your heart lead you to me before and you became aware of me all around you. Now you must learn to seek me in the smaller crooks and crannies. You must look for me in the in-between places. Find me in the liminal spaces.

Fear not my dear, I am ever near.

I hear your objections before you speak them. It will take time my lovely. Just trust in me. Love me. Dance with me as I danced with you.
Listen to me. Hear me. Touch me. Smell me. Experience me. Learn to see beyond that which you see with your eyes. Be open to me. Let your heart ignight as we burn, yearn for each other, as I know you do my dear, as I for you.

Witch: My Lady. My heart yearns for you. How can I find you here where man’s hand has changed and shaped the land so?

Spirit: Don’t be disheartened my dear, persevere. Remember. I am ever near.