Step by Step

Step by step I walk to you.

Sometimes I have to swim.

Sometimes I have to drown in the sea of Faith…

But you pull me through, last minute.

Your breath comes into my being and you save me.

And I begin again.

Step by step I walk to you…through the sea of Faith.





You protect us.
Offer us shelter, keeping us safe in your thorny embrace.
Your flowers bloom in winter, keep the promise of summer. Summer rises in the air from the scent of your bloom as we sleep safe through the winters gloom, endure harsh bitter nights, safe in your womb.

Your flowers light the way to better days.
Hidden ways you reveal to us, if we spend but a little time with you, commune with you.

Plant of the old, of prophesy fortold.
We honour you. Gorse of the Mother.
Gorse from the Other.