That Our Hopes Become Honey…

Today a simple but painful understanding. The Manna of the Gods is indeed not for human consumption. 

…only through Love…

Truly, the food of the “God’s” does not belong to this world. Yet, it does, and…

…it doesn’t. But…it is possible.

Through Love. 

What is Love…? Ο έρωτας και ο θάνατος μαζί.

So, how do we reach a higher Love? 

Keep asking the question.

{First photo not my own}


Valley Of Silence

Valley Of Silence by Fiona Macleod.

“In the secret Valley of Silence no breath doth fall; no wind stirs in the branches; no bird doth call: as on a white wall a breathless lizard is still, so silence lies on the valley Breathlessly still.

In the dusk-grown heart of the valley an altar rises white: no rapt priest bends in awe before its silent light: but sometimes a flight of breathless words of prayer white-wing’d enclose the altar, eddies of prayer.”

Posession And Non Perminance.

Everything flows.

I have been struggling to be creative of late and here I think is the crux as to why. I thought I would share my experience and musings.

You know what happened? I became posessed by posessions. Again. Both in a material and metaphysical sense. For example friends…I *had* to keep contact with after moving and I missed having them in my life. 
I see Scotland as a place, and therefore question, should I have stayed there or not? The question in itself being a posessive one rather than a transient one and operating on that level instead of a posessive one. The latter giving rise to questions such as; did I make a mistake in leaving, or one of comparison to my own state of being then whilst I was there to now being here. However, if veiwed from a state of transition and non posession, I would accept the past and be grateful for what it was and be happy in the now as I would just get on with it, not be constantly making comparisons and not feeling a sense of loss or lesser-ment in my life due to certain places and people being no longer present physically. 
Accepting transience doesn’t mean I would forget them, rather it would give a warm glow to the heart when re-membered. 

They and I both free of any form of posession.

possess (v.) Look up possess at
late 14c., “to hold, occupy, reside in” (without regard to ownership), a back formation frompossession and in part from Old French possesser“to have and hold, take, be in possession of” (mid-13c.), from Latin possess-, past participle stem ofpossidere “to have and hold, hold in one’s control, be master of, own,” probably a compound of potis“having power, powerful, able” (from PIE root -*poti- “powerful; lord;” see potent) + sedere, from PIE root *sed- (1) “to sit.” –

And Breathe…

It’s the weekend, thankfully! 

It’s interesting, although my mind/body cries in outrage this morning, how the feeding on stress and speed, desire and ego, the actions/reactions that are born out of this “stream” are so destructive. And yet here we are, all madly consuming. 

Be it data, information, going to the supermarket, so on and so on. 
However when one empties out, finding that “place” in the heart and once re-connected with, all love and beauty flows from there. 

I notice this as I write this morning. Instead of spending last night chilling out after a hectic week at work, in quiet contemplation, prayer and just *being*, re-finding my “core” again before taking up the weekend, I went headlong and continued feeding, consuming and perpetuating that current of stress.

It’s amazing when you really start to pay attention to your thoughts, body, actions, reactions and what “place” they come from and the relationship, correlation or choreography of that within the outer environment, how clearly we can begin to see what’s really going on. And just by doing really simple things like this.

Stop. Empty out. Breathe.

Try it sometime. You might be surprised at what you find!