Step by Step

Step by step I walk to you.

Sometimes I have to swim.

Sometimes I have to drown in the sea of Faith…

But you pull me through, last minute.

Your breath comes into my being and you save me.

And I begin again.

Step by step I walk to you…through the sea of Faith.




We are intertwined. This mercy-less and mercy-full dance of the ages. We are lovers. Forever entwined. The Muddied trampled Heart. Love endures. Love nerer dies. Love may remain silent witness for a while, then will rise again. Ever treading the Mill. Love is all, Love is without all. Love will concour all. The endless dance of submission and succession. Dance the dance of the wounded hearts.

Tread Softly

Come, come, I’m waiting for you to come.
Where footsteps softly fall, upon moss covered paths, come, come.

When twilight softly falls, you can hear my call, come, come.

When pale moonlight falls, softly lights up the night, come, come.

I wait in the wood, sorely misunderstood, come, come.

But softly. Softly your footsteps must fall, least you will no longer hear my call. And I will wait in the wood, lonely and sorely misunderstood. For you no longer come.

Images: Krist Mort

Pilgrims to Self

A musing.

We traverse the way. Pilgrims. Love our star and guide. That love always calling us to a deeper/higher love to the one of before. Towards G-d. Christ ever walking to Calvilary, the sorrowful mysteries, the Serpent ever shedding its skin.

{Image of the cross and serpent…the staff of Moses – William Blake}

God gave his only Son, to be like a mirror to ourselves, so that we can see ourselves as we truly are.